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Zoé Zeigler

Marketing Executive

Welcome! I'm Zoé Zeigler, a marketing, advertising and communications leader, with category experience spanning fashion to fintech. I'm passionate about helping brands uncover and impactfully showcase their unique value, in order to drive demand, growth and brand love. 

With more than 15 years of expertise under my belt, I've engineered, optimized and executed integrated marketing initiatives for category-leading brands such as Chase, Toyota, Teen Vogue, Google, Beautycounter and Square. 


Business Insider named me one of 25 Rising Stars of Brand Marketing, and Brand Innovators recognized me as a Woman to Watch in Brand Marketing.

A Los Angeles native and graduate of USC, I also spent nearly a decade honing my craft in New York City. Alongside marketer, the most important titles I hold are those of wife, mother, mentor, and forever student of my field. 

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