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Office Hours With Zoé

Personalized career advice and support for you 

I'm a firm believer that every professional needs a "board of directors" -- a group of people to help guide their career, support them in their pursuits, help push them over hurdles that inevitably arise and serve as a sounding board from time-to-time. I'm so grateful for the people that play that role for me. So, in that spirit, and after receiving many requests for individual career guidance, I've introduced Office Hours With Zoé

Each month I offer three, free 20-minute "office hours" sessions to support other professionals that want career advice. Whether it's advice on how to transition into a new industry, land a role at a top company, position yourself for promotion or something else career related--I'm happy to provide support and actionable tips that have helped me do all those things and more. 


  • Email me at and use "OFFICE HOURS: Your Name" as the subject

  • Include your resume and/or link to your completed LinkedIn profile

  • Provide 1-3 specific questions you want to discuss during your session

  • You will receive a response within five business days about availability for a private call during the next office hours session

Office hours are allocated on a first-come basis to those that have completed the steps above. 

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