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Just a sampling of some of the media coverage generated about me, the campaigns I've managed and the clients I've worked on.

Marketer Zoe Zeigler on Finding Success and Longevity in
Corporate America

Hashtags + Stilettos


"Zoe Zeigler defies the myth of the millennial job hopper. The Toyota marketer and ColorComm communications director has spent the last eight years working various roles at the auto company. Having found her “dream job” more than once within Toyota’s ranks, she’s become an expert on locating strategic growth opportunities and skill set enhancing roles."


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Zoe Zeigler Madame Noire Feature Article
Get Like Me: Teen Vogue Senior Manager Zoe Zeigler

Love Brown Sugar Media


"Zoé Zeigler’s life is all about balance. The marketing professional doesn’t believe in limiting herself and manages her multiple professional roles with poise and polish.  As the Executive Director of New York’s chapter of ColorComm she hosts warm and welcoming events designed to inform and empower women of color. As a Senior Manager at Teen Vogue, she focuses on managing Integrated Marketing & Brand Partnerships and as a blogger she creates compelling content designed to uplift and stand out. We caught up with Zoé to learn about statement earrings, confidence, and the importance of branding beyond your business card."


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Zoe Zeigler Madame Noire Feature Article
Zoe Zeigler Breaks Down the Business of Content Marketing 



"From creation, publishing, and distribution, content marketing is a hot industry term with a lot of responsibility behind it. Content needs to be authentic, valuable, targeted, and actual drive business goal. It sounds great until one of these goals aren't met. We caught up with marketing all-star, Zoe Zeigler to talk about her experience being on the publisher and brand side of media and how that's led her to drive the content marketing space. "


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Zoe Zeigler Madame Noire Feature Article
Zoe Zeigler on Toyota, ColorComm, and Rising Together As Women of Color

Madame Noire 


"With 10 years of Toyota experience under her belt, MadameNoire was happy to sit down with Zoé Zeigler, a marketing and communications professional, and get a behind-the-scenes look on what it takes to apply passion to your career as well as the careers of other women of color in communications.


As assistant manager of corporate marketing & communications for Toyota in North America, Zeigler’s work has earned the company coverage in numerous media outlets including The Today Show, The Huffington Post, AdWeek, and more. While her position as the communication director of ColorComm has allowed Zeigler to foster connections with the women before and behind her."

14 Business Tips To Follow

Madame Noire



"...To provide you with a little inspiration, we've compiled some of the best business tips and advice from my interviews with entrepreneurs such as hospitality mogul and sports-team owner Sheila C. Johnson and tech founder Asmau Ahmed to executives like Toyota’s Zoe Zeigler.


So whether you’re a high-powered executive who’s climbing the corporate ladder, a business owner looking to grow her firm or a recent college graduate learning how to navigate your new job this advice will give you the spark you need to go out there and take on the world!"


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Zoe Zeigler Madame Noire Feature Article
Though she loves Toyota, Zoe Zeigler isn’t going to leave her heart in NYC

Toyota Driver's Seat


"Up until three years ago, Zoe Zeigler was convinced she was “a California girl, through and through.” But when [CEO] Jim Lentz announced that Toyota would consolidate its North American operations in Plano, Texas, the Toyota Motor North America associate was forced to come to terms with a new reality: New York City had become her true home...

“...The common misconception about Millennials is that they don’t have ties to anything—that they can just pick up and move for their careers,” Zoe says. “But we want balance, too. There are things in our lives that are just as important to us from a personal perspective as someone with children and family ties."

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Toyota, Teen Vogue Team Up Against Distracted Driving



Marjorie Schussel, corporate marketing director for Toyota talks with Al Roker about the dangers of distracted driving and how their partnership with Teen Vogue will help keep teens safe behind the wheel.


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A Safety First Message Aimed at Getting More Teens Behind the Wheel



"...Another example of a youth-centric initiative is Toyota’s decision to buy, for the first time, advertising space in Teen Vogue magazine, owned by the Condé Nast Publications...  The ads, scheduled to begin appearing in the May issue of Teen Vogue, will encourage teenage girls and their mothers to pledge to “Arrive in style” and be safe drivers by signing the so-called Toyota Mutual Driving Agreement and avoiding distractions like calls, e-mails and text messages when behind the wheel. The initiative, to be formally announced on Tuesday, will also include video clips; a presence in social media, highlighted by a Twitter hashtag, #arriveinstyle; a section of the Teen Vogue Web site; events; and a contest."


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How Toyota Does 'Heavy Metal' Music

Automotive News 


"Toyota Gifony allows people to mix the sights and sounds from the automaker’s plants...into rhythmic videos showing how the 2015 Corolla comes together [...] Inspiration for Gifony came during a photo shoot for another project at Blue Springs, said Zoe Zeigler, Toyota’s assistant manager for corporate marketing. Zeigler said there’s something here for music lovers and gearheads alike..."


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Toyota Video Scores 1 Million Views, Lifts Brand Perception and Skyrockets Consumer Trust with CSR Campaign

Bulldog Reporter


"How do PR pros increase trust in a brand? Toyota has an exemplary PR team that inspires consumers to see beyond its cars and deep into its corporate culture....'We took a different approach to storytelling and partnered with award-winning filmmakers Supermarché, the team behind the movie ‘Catfish,' says Zoe Zeigler, assistant manager of corporate marketing and communications at Toyota...."


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Distracted Driving Simulator at SxSW

Time Warner News 


"We're constantly reminded of the dangers of distracted driving, but do you really know what counts as a distraction? Our Adam Balkin checked out a new, fully immersive driving simulator being featured at South By Southwest Interactive that may have you thinking twice about the way you drive."


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Toyota Will Donate One Meal for Each View This Video Gets



"After the hurricane [Sandy], which devastated the lives of thousands, Toyota teamed up with the Food Bank of New York to deliver hundreds of thousands of meals to hungry people affected by the storm. Building on the work it has been doing since the storm, the company has released the video and corresponding website, called Meals Per Hour," about skills-based volunteerism.  In less than two days since it was posted on YouTube, the video has garnered nearly half a million views."


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Zoe Zeigler Hello Beautiful Clip
ColorComm Empowers Hundreds of Women



"On Tuesday, June 2nd, hundreds of professional NYC women gathered at Edelman’s TriBeCa penthouse for ColorComm’s inaugural “She Who Dares” Cocktails and Conversation event.


Featuring guest speakers Kelli M. Coleman, who is executive vice president at GlobalHue and founder of She Who Dares, and Tai Beauchamp, a TV personality and host of TLC’s upcoming show Dare to Wear, the event empowered the audience of female movers and shakers to dedicate their time and energy to not only working on outer success but inner fulfillment as well."


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ColorComm NYC Hosts ‘Cocktails & Conversation’ with Essence Magazine's
Vanessa Bush

The Fab Empire


"ColorComm NYC recently hosted 'Cocktails & Conversation' with Essence Magazine Editor-In-Chief Vanessa Bush. The evening was an exclusive opportunity for women of color in communications to mix and mingle with the lauded publishing leader over wine and hor d’oeuvres. Attendees gained intimate insight into the personal and professional journey that landed Bush atop one of the most iconic publishing brands for women of color..."


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